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The goal of this course is to increase knowledge of the nutritional biochemistry of breastmilk and understand the effects of maternal diet on breastmilk composition. To also become familiar with well mother assessments. Topics include, energy-weight discrepancy; Biochemistry: water, fat, carbohydrates, protein, minerals, vitamins, bioactive components, hormones; difference between preterm milk, colostrum, and mature milk; effect of maternal diet on breastmilk components; well mother assessment: What do we recommend regarding diet and non-essentials to various demographic populations?

Author: Eileen Park, IBCLC, ND

Credits: 5 L CERPs or contact hours

Video: 3 hours webinar lecture

Course notes: Course lecture slides available in lesson

Quiz: Completion of quiz based on course lecture notes

Certificate: Printable upon successful completion of quiz