Online Study Modules


These online study modules allow you to learn new information in the comfort of your own home. Modules are derived from the lectures, recorded webinars & materials presented in class. CERPs and Lactation Education hours are available for each course. Each module includes a webinar recording video, power point presentation notes, along with relevant journal articles and documents.


Completing all 25 courses will provide you with 91 lactation specific education hours (Recorded webinar video, lecture notes, assignment, course evaluation)


Please note, some courses require you complete a quiz  in order to receive your certificate. You will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the online module. If you don’t receive your certificate please contact IBC at education@ibconline.ca for an additional copy. The pass rate for each module is 70% and you will have two opportunities to reach a score of 70%. IBC’s Centre for Breastfeeding Education is a long-term provider with the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners for Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPs). Modules are available in L (lactation), E (ethics) CERPs.


We encourage you to augment your learning experience by viewing our video clips and handouts when indicated in the presentation.



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**Please note assignments are NOT required for online courses. Only in class courses require assignments to earn the course certificate**