Looking for Pediatricians


Dr Jack Newman examining a baby

Helping mothers and babies with breastfeeding is a priority at our Breastfeeding Clinic

We are looking to hire pediatricians who are interested in:
• working at Dr. Jack Newman’s clinic
• learning about breastfeeding medicine
• supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies
• working with a team of well-trained and experienced lactation consultants
• learning to help breastfeeding mothers and babies overcome problems using Dr. Jack Newman’s protocols
• learning to perform tongue-tie releases, and to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that otherwise lead to stopping breastfeeding


We offer you:

• Flexibility – you can choose how many days a month or week you wish to work
• Regular working hours – from 8:30 – 4:30, no weekends, evenings or nights
• A daily guaranteed take-home rate of $1,000 or more
• Getting training in breastfeeding medicine
• Orientation by Dr. Jack Newman
• No take-home homework or call
• Teaching and learning opportunities


The International Breastfeeding Centre (IBC), is a world-renowned clinic and educational centre, created and operated by Dr. Jack Newman and located in Toronto, Ontario. IBC is a teaching facility where students and observers come from around the world to learn from the best clinic for breastfeeding support and education in Canada.
Please send us your CV and a brief letter explaining why you would like to work for The International Breastfeeding Centre to admin@ibconline.ca. Please note that only pediatricians who are able to practice in Ontario and able to bill OHIP can be considered.