La prise de sein asymétrique

Un changement en allaitement que beaucoup ignorent.   Il y a un changement dans la façon d'allaiter qui aurait dû avoir lieu il y a bien longtemps. Un changement vers l'asymétrie. Une prise du sein asymétrique. Savoir comment parvenir à cette prise de sein asymétrique est primordial...


When it hurts to breastfeed Part 1

Sore nipples are the problem we see most commonly in our clinic, neck and neck with the “baby not getting enough from the breast”, though, of course, unfortunately, the two problems often co-exist.   Sore nipples can almost always be prevented or if they do occur, they...


Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk? (Part 2)

Our approach to increasing the baby’s intake of breastmilk when the baby is not getting as much as we would like is based on four principles:   1. When breastfeeding goes well it is easy and pleasant for the mother and the baby. When breastfeeding is not...


Breastfeeding and Maternal Illness Part 2

See also Breastfeeding and Maternal Illness  Part 1     Some infectious diseases   A full discussion of all infectious diseases and breastfeeding could result in a book the size of War and Peace, so I will try to deal, briefly, only with those that seem to cause the most problems...


Breastfeeding and Maternal Illness Part 1

Mothers are frequently told they must stop breastfeeding if they are sick, either acutely or chronically. In fact, it almost seems as if maternal illness is taken as an opportunity to “give mothers permission to stop breastfeeding” instead of re-assuring them that they can safely continue...