We use a number of ways to help mothers and babies breastfeed better when they come to our clinic. One group of babies we see frequently are babies who cry or fuss, are not satisfied after breastfeeding, who need to start drinking more milk or who are already being supplemented.



There are many steps we go through when we see a mother and baby at our clinic – one of them is to show mothers how to use, what I call, breast compressions.

当妈妈和她的宝宝来到我们的诊所,我们需要履行很多步骤 ——其中一项就是给妈妈展示如何进行乳房按压。


nursing compression

Mother compressing her breast with her left hand to increase milk flow to the baby
















I learnt about breast compressions when I was working in Africa. I watched mothers compress or squeeze their breasts.  They did this almost automatically, but I never really understood why.  Early on, when the clinic was still in its early stages, a woman from Chile came for advice. She was doing breast compressions.  And so, I asked her why she was doing this.  She said “Because my mother said I should”.  I responded that this was a good thing, but why?  And she looked at me as if she was wondering why she came to me for help, and said “Because the baby gets more milk…”.  I truly felt that she left unsaid, “…stupid!”  And truly the penny did drop and I realized what all those African mothers were doing.  And we have used it successfully at the clinic ever since.  It is not the only method that we use to increase the intake of milk by the baby, but it is a simple one and one that is very easy to use.

我是在非洲工作的时候了解到乳房按压的。我看到母亲们按压或挤压她们的乳房。她们几乎很自然的都会这样做,但我从来没有真正理解为什么要这样做。在早期,我的诊所还处于初期阶段,有一位来自智利的妇女前来咨询。她喂奶时做乳房按压。我问她为什么这样做。她说“因为妈妈告诉我应该这样做”。我回应她说,这是一个好方法,但是为什么呢?她看着我,好像在想为什么她要来找我帮忙。然后这位妇女说:“因为宝宝能得到更多的奶… ”。 我真的觉得她有话没有说出口:“…笨!”原来如此!我这才真正弄懂了这位非洲母亲们都在做的事情。此后,我们就在诊所里使用了这种方法,很成功。 这虽然不是我们用来增加宝宝乳汁摄入量的唯一方法,但确实非常简单易用。


Compression of the breast is an easy and effective method of getting more breastmilk to the baby when the baby is latched on to the breast.  A baby may be on the breast, but not necessarily drinking milk.  A baby latched on, and making sucking movements, does not mean the baby is getting milk. Watch this video of a mother of a two day old baby doing breast compressions.



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