Breastfeeding the premature baby: Part 2

Premature babies cannot start going to the breast until 34 weeks gestation? This is simply not true. Experience and evidence (see references at bottom) from Scandinavia clearly show that babies can go to the breast well before 30 weeks gestation and as early as 27 weeks

Breastfeeding the Premature: Part 1

If mothers and full-term babies do not get good help with the initiation of breastfeeding in most hospitals, and they don’t, mothers and premature babies get even less help and more undermining of breastfeeding. Part 1: premature babies need to be in incubators? This is simply not

Inducing Lactation

A person might wish to induce lactation if: They are adopting a baby They have a gestational carrier for her biological baby If they are in a relationship with woman who is pregnant and wishes to help in breastfeeding the baby Another relationship, often transgender, where one or

Breast surgery and breastfeeding (Part 3)

Part 3, evaluation of a breast lump   This article is part 3 of 3 articles the first two of which discuss breast surgery done on the breast before the mother has a baby and breast surgery done on the breast at a time when the mother

A Little Girl Breastfeeding

It is common to see little children, both girls and boys, especially if they themselves were breastfed, play pretend games where they breastfeed their dolls as well as many other toys, even cars and dinosaurs which are definitely not mammals. Children learn by observing and doing.

Breast Surgery and its effect on breastfeeding (part 2)

There are surgeries that are done on the breasts before a woman has children and can impact her ability to produce milk. Part 2 Galactocoeles and breast abscess Blebs/blocked ducts/mastitis and on occasion, abscess, usually occur when the mother has an abundant milk supply but the baby does