La dompéridone peut être utile pour augmenter la production de lait maternel, et surtout, la quantité de lait transféré de la mère vers le bébé.   Dans notre clinique, nous utilisons la dompéridone pour différents motifs, lorsque le bébé n’obtient pas assez de lait au sein de...


Starting babies on food

Modern medicine, in a worthwhile desire to avoid problems associated with poor eating habits, has developed rules about the feeding of food to babies that have made eating food a complicated, frightening and a tiresome exercise. These rules are even more complicated when parents must choose...



If you are looking to induce lactation (in order to breastfeed a baby born by surrogate or an adopted baby), rather than to relactate, see this article.   It is possible to start breastfeeding again even after you have stopped for several weeks or months   However, first of all, it...


La gastro-entérite chez le bébé allaité

Gastro-entérite chez le bébé allaité (vomissement et diarrhée dus à une infection)   Grâce à un système complet de facteurs immunitaires présents dans le lait maternel, agissant entre eux, les bébés allaités exclusivement contractent très rarement une gastro-entérite. S’ils le font, il est peu commun qu’elle soit sévère....


So-called Breastmilk Jaundice

See the article on early onset jaundice.   So-called “breastmilk jaundice” is considered abnormal by many physicians, perhaps even the majority of physicians.  Even those who understand that it is usually normal for babies of 3 or 6 weeks of age and even older to have visually...


One sided feedings or two?

Many mothers are now being advised to feed the baby on one breast at a feeding only.  Though the number who email me about breastfeeding problems varies from day to day, usually, on any given day about 1 in 4 of mothers experiencing breastfeeding problems...



Domperidone can be very useful to increase the mother’s milk supply and, more importantly, milk flow from the mother to the baby.   An important point: If all mothers had the best start with breastfeeding, from the very start, having as few interventions as is reasonable during labour...