Information Sheets


Mothers know they want to breastfeed and why. What mothers lack is practicalassistance that allows them to continue breastfeeding and make breastfeeding the enjoyable experience for the mother and baby that it is meant to be. Our support helps mothers overcome obstacles so that they can breastfeed even when struggling with difficulties. The International Breastfeed Centre is here to support, encourage and provide real help to mothers who would otherwise be disappointed and quit breastfeeding. At our clinic, we see and help mothers with a wide range of breastfeeding problems and we show them how it is possible to continue to breastfeeding when everyone else is telling them to just give up.


In addition to our breastfeeding clinic, we train students and future lactation consultants, provide opportunities for observers, including midwives, nurses, physicians and trainees in these fields to learn from us.  We offer a free email answering service to mothers and professionals, maintain this website as a source of reliable breastfeeding information, create videos to give examples of the practical knowledge necessary to provide knowledgeable and expert help to mothers and educate the public about the importance of breastfeeding and the solutions to breastfeeding problems by publishing articles and Facebook posts.


Become part of our work of helping breastfeeding mothers and babies. You can support our activities by offering donations which will go towards maintaining our free email answering service and educational services. Moreover, you can sponsor a mother and baby in financial need so that they are able to get help with breastfeeding at our clinic.


Donations can be made at  Please direct your donation (Fund/Designation) to ibc – The International Breastfeeding Centre.


Charitable tax receipts are available.