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Upon completion of this course participants will be able to describe the immune components in breastmilk and understand the immunology of breastfeeding (not just breastmilk).  Participants will also have a lactation understanding of how breastfeeding protects against infections and disease. This includes an introduction to innate and adaptive immunity, a detailed description of breastmilk and specific immune components, secretory immunoty, entero-mammary link, and transmission of maternal infections.

Author: Eileen Park, IBCLC, ND

Credits: 3 L CERPs or contact hours

Video: 3 hour webinar lecture video

Course Notes: Lecture slides and course notes included in lesson

Quiz: Multiple choice questions based on course content

Completion certificate: Printable upon completion of the quiz

  • Immunology of Breastfeeding 

    • Immunology of Breastfeeding Webinar Lecture
    • Immunology of Breastfeeding Course Notes
    • Immunology of Breastfeeding Quiz