Controversial Topics in Lactation Medicine

Cruelty of Breast is Best, 2E,1L CERPs

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Objective:  Learners will be encouraged to consider the incongruencies between the societal pressures placed on mothers to breastfeed and the lack of support in helping them to do so and strategies to resolve these issues. Topics include:  IBCLE code of ethics & scope of practice; Breastfeeding promotion and community education; Support systems; Mothers’…

Current and Controversial Breastfeeding Research, 3L CERPs

$60.00 No student enrolled Carolina Crewe

Objective: Learners in this course will analyze and interpret up to date and controversial research and re-evaluate current philosophies and practices regarding breastfeeding. Research topics may include:  Obesity; Allergy & Asthma; Smoking; Environmental Toxins; Adult Chronic Diseases;* Note that topics may vary depending on the current controversial research each year. Author: Eileen Park, IBCLC, ND Credits:…