Advanced Lactation Sciences

Advanced Immunology of Breastfeeding and Chronic Disease Prevention, 5L CERPs

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Objective: Participants in this course will learn to appreciate the short-term and long-term immunological benefits of breastfeeding. To also describe the Lactation mechanisms of how breastfeeding may protect against various chronic diseases including obesity, inflammatory diseases, cancer, diabetes.  This course explores the long-term outcomes of…

When Breastfeeding is Not Contraindicated, 3L CERPs

$60.00 No student enrolled Carolina Crewe

Objective: Learners who participate in this course will be encouraged to identify acute and chronic maternal pathologies and describe possible influences on breastfeeding.  To also provide breastfeeding management strategies to support breastfeeding under these situations. This course explores signs and symptoms of acute and chronic maternal pathologies, how…