You want to know more about breastfeeding.  We at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic provide reliable and well-researched information based on 33 years of Dr. Jack Newman’s leadership, experience and our constant learning.  We offer you real, practical breastfeeding help. We have had person to person success with tens of thousands of mothers and their babies, something rarely, if ever, matched anywhere in the world.


Having worked with such a large number of mothers and babies, and listening carefully to their stories and their experiences, observing intently what babies do when they are on the breast, we have refined our understanding of how breastfeeding works, how to help mothers and babies fulfill their desire to breastfeed.


Taking time to learn and change is an important part of our process and so we have learned much over the years and with each mother and baby we met. We now offer our expertise around the world and to you.

breastfeeding help

ibc is composed of three departments

Newman Breastfeeding

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Centre for Breastfeeding Education

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Centre for Breastfeeding Studies

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Dr. Jack Newman is the founder and first pediatrician of the International Breastfeeding Center. He has been helping breastfeeding mothers and babies for over 34 years. He is an author of the definitive book on breastfeeding called Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding.


Dr. Jack Newman graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 1970 and completed his residency at Vancouver General Hospital.  Following this, he trained in pediatrics in Quebec City and then at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto from 1977-1981.  In 1981, Dr. Newman became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, as well as Board Certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Dr. Newman was a staff paediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children emergency department from 1983 to 1992, and acted as Chief of Emergency Services for a short period.  During his time at the Hospital for Sick Children, he founded the first hospital-based breastfeeding clinic in Canada in 1984.  He has been a consultant for UNICEF for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, where he evaluated the first candidate hospitals in Gabon, the Ivory Coast, and Canada.  In 2013, Dr. Newman was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for service to the community.


The International Breastfeeding Centre
located in the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM)
1255 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, M2K 1E2

Ph: 416-498-0002
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SUPPORT Breastfeeding

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Mothers know they want to breastfeed and why. What mothers lack is practical assistance that allows them to continue breastfeeding and make breastfeeding the enjoyable experience for the mother and baby that it is meant to be. Our support helps mothers overcome obstacles so that they can breastfeed even when struggling with difficulties. The International Breastfeed Centre is here to support, encourage and provide real help to mothers who would otherwise be disappointed and quit breastfeeding. At our clinic, we see and help mothers with a wide range of breastfeeding problems and we show them how it is possible to continue to breastfeeding when everyone else is telling them to just give up.


In addition to our breastfeeding clinic, we train students and future lactation consultants, provide opportunities for observers, including midwives, nurses, physicians and trainees in these fields to learn from us.  We offer a free email answering service to mothers and professionals, maintain this website as a source of reliable breastfeeding information, create videos to give examples of the practical knowledge necessary to provide knowledgeable and expert help to mothers and educate the public about the importance of breastfeeding and the solutions to breastfeeding problems by publishing articles and Facebook posts.


Become part of our work of helping breastfeeding mothers and babies. You can support our activities by offering donations which will go towards maintaining our free email answering service and educational services. Moreover, you can sponsor a mother and baby in financial need so that they are able to get help with breastfeeding at our clinic.


Donations can be made at  Please direct your donation (Fund/Designation) to ibc – The International Breastfeeding Centre.


Charitable tax receipts are available.

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